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Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Can anyone really blame him? Well, yes. Yes they can. A lot of people already have. Sure, the ECB can be pompous and self-righteous, and this ridiculous fine over a pretty uncontroversial Tweet is one example. But KP's offer to play in the upcoming World T20 was disingenuous at best.

He knew the rules - he knew perfectly well that it wouldn't be allowed. It was a hollow 'offer', that I suspect was made to deflect criticism and make him appear the good guy. Would it have really hurt him to take the fine on the chin and see out the World T20 and then retire? No. KP's doing what's best for KP, as usual. Not English cricket. His decision to retire with immediate effect smacks of toys out of the pram. His batting always surprises and amazes us. His attitude doesn't.


I'm all for the "fuck odi & T20" bandwagon (except maybe for the world events). A couple here and there are fine (as is the case with T20 atm), but 5 or 7 match odi series??? As long as it doesn't make him less focused on tests or cricket in general, then I'm all for Kev.

As for Nick Knight, he genuinely seems like a nice chap, but it's hard to disagree with the tweet.

Anyways, I don't really make much connection with that and his retirement timing. Maybe the road ahead seemed pretty obvious to Kev and didn't really require much brooding over.


Just won't understand why people keep talking about IPL. Now doesn't the IPL start in April and England play tests in May? So how can KP play more games in the IPL?

ECB should have been more flexible and just like they allowed Strauss to get away from t/20 cricket should have allowed KP to retire from the onedayers and allowed him to play t/20 WC.

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well about this whole Kevin Pietersen's retirement thing I think that Kevin did the right thing on here, he considered he was old enough not to keep playing and I respect his decision even though I wanted to see him playing a couple of years more


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