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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


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As with all inadequate managers, chairmen, chairwomen (and all those who are given reponsibility for the success of their operation) when things go wrong, their knee-jerk reaction is to blame the work-force. This is, of course, the unmistakable mark of their own incompetence - and their unwillingness to accept that they themselves have failed to live up to expectations goes with this desolate territory. Yorkshire through the years has contrived to find a rich seam of their special and vicious brand of chairmen that they continue to mine - and to the outsider, there is something of a Nineteeth Century class structure in the way the club has been, and still is run. Indeed, the chairmen would appear to be descendents of the worst type of mill-owners of a long-gone age: ruled by a hire-and-fire mentality. The great players listed above all had their fallings out with their suited bosses and, with one exception moved to more friendly counties.

Ajmal Shahzad, I'm sure, is a headstrong young man. He is also an exceptionally gifted cricketer who dearly wanted to play for the county of his birth. To get the best out of him - and others of his ilk - takes highly skilled management, a great deal of patience, a good dose of empathy (a rare commodity, admittedly) and then, when you have him on-side, he will surpass himself on the field and his loyalty to the cause will be unquestioned. Such an investment of these human qualities is clearly beyond the Yorkshire hierachy. I do not doubt that there will be other Yorkshire players looking for pastures new before the end of the year. Yorkshire, when it's not top of the tree, has shown itself to be in its historical default position: beset with in-fighting; unhappy and going nowhere.


And the Starc fiasco does no more than underscore the major point in my previous post - that it's never the chair's fault. This time Graves has blamed Cricket Australia! If it wasn't so sad, it'd make me smile. I hope that Starc enjoys his stay, but the portents don't look promising.

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