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Monday, March 26, 2012


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He may be unfortunate, but the most unfortunate thing for him is that he just isn't quite good enough. Sad but true.


I agree with Martin. Unlucky cricketers are the likes of Stuart Law or even in today's game players like Shiv Chanderpaul, Brendan Taylor who have to constantly bat with their respective teams already losing ground in the match.

Ravi has been around the set up now for 5 years and hasn't done anything worthy. Morgan was our best ODI batsmen before playing Test matches and was the right choice at that moment (Sri Lanka 2011). It obviously hasn't worked out for him but I just don't see everyone's obsession with playing Ravi, he may be a likeable bloke but there are other more exciting players out there who haven't been lucky enough to have 5 years worth of chances!


Any cricketer needs a fair crack of the whip - and this is certainly something that Ravi hasn't had. He is genuinely unlucky in that respect. It will need Ian Bell to fail in Galle for him to get another chance - but the two Andies are clearly pro-Bell. No cricketer is likely to show his best form if he feels that his place isn't secure; that is why Bell is still being picked. When/if Ravi gets his chance, then I expect him to be given at least three tests to show everyone what he can do. Is he genuine Test class? I am not prepared to rush to judgement on that one. Many players have had false dawns: Kenny Barrington comes to mind - and look what he went on to achieve! As for being the most unlucky ever? Not really. There have been many very good cricketers who have never played (the best example is Glamorgan's Don Shepherd: 2,218 wickets @ 21.3; Econ. 2.14) and Glenn Chapple (one ODI & no Tests!). On the other side of the argument there are a few players who played more times than they should: Don Kenyon (specialist opener - 8 Tests av. 12.8) is a good example. With all of these selections or non-selections, I suspect that other factors were at work, like selectors who took a dislike to a particular player, or prejudice for/against the county X plays (or played) for. Meanwhile, perhaps Ravi can take some comfort from Milton (John, not Arthur!):' They also serve who only stand and wait.'

The Reverse Sweep

It seems we agree on Bopara, Ian. This makes me glad as everyone else who has commented seems to think that Ravi is not good enough rather than unlucky. I still believe that given a good run at number six, he'd come good for England.

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