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Monday, January 30, 2012


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Ed Lamb

Sounds like he may have gone 1% of the way to redeeming himself then. His TMS commentary on the penultimate day when Pakistan were 4 down and still behind was rediculous. He reckoned England had the game in the bag when Pakistan still had 2 specialist batsmen at the crease.

Apart from demonstrating that his "expert" opinion was once again way off the mark, he also showed a complete lack of respect for the Pakistani commentators he was working with. It happens every time...Boycott's just an embarrassment and how he ever got a job in the media is anyone's guess.
Perhaps there can be a statutory retirement age brought in for all commentators from Yorkshire who find it difficult to speak without denigrating someone else?

The Reverse Sweep

Ed, that was a refreshingly honest - even Boycottesque - assessment of Boycott. I hear what you are saying, but I have to say that I like Boycott's unique style, strong opinions (even if I don't always agree with them) and prickly approach. At least he says what he thinks, which in our world of political correctness and blandness is to be welcomed IMO.

Of course he ended up with egg on his face - he even staked his three houses on an England win, which perhaps made his assessment of the failings of England's batsmen even more pointed than they would otherwise have been.


Cricket Burble

If my comment sounded Boycottesque can I delete it? Just kidding! I'd like to think he wouldn't show any empathy for how others listening to him would take his comments.

Agree with your final point....he kept looking at the wicket balls and saying they didn't turn much. I think even pretty inexperienced club cricketers understand that you only need one or two balls to spin big to create uncertainty from the batsman - it's not only the wonder balls that take wickets.

That said, England's batting was pretty dire! But not quite as dire as Boycott's commentary in my personal opinion. I haven't yet got to the point of switching off TMS when he's on though....yet.

Boycott is the cricket commentary version of Marmite it seems!

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