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Thursday, November 24, 2011


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Bedfordshire Clanger

Whilst he might not have the style of Hashim Amla, I suspect that the former Bedfordshire batsman Alistair Cook's record at the end of his test career will mean that he should be considered amongst such exhalted company


Cook's an interesting one, I suspect he'll fall just short of greatness, with his numbers standing up to scrutiny, but the manner in which he gets his runs not really being that of a truly great batsman.

(Also, if I'm going to be pedantic, it's Alastair not Alistair)


Cummins - way too early to tell if he's the new Lillee or merely the new Brett Lee (not that there's anything wrong with that). Bravo - we'll see when he plays Tests in less batsman-friendly conditions (i.e. Aus, SA, Eng). Not ruling him out, though.

I think Vernon Philander will be around for some time to come (not least because of the paucity of competition). Have my doubts as to whether he'll be a "great", though.

The Reverse Sweep

Agreed, it's far too early to compare Cummins to Lee let alone Lillee or McGrath, but the boy clearly has something. The way he set up Kallis in the second innings before getting him out was worthy of a top-class bowler. The difference between Cummins and Johnson for instance was telling.

The Reverse Sweep

I'm with you Martin, but if Cook can add style to his substance and maintain the unyielding appetite for runs he has shown since the start of last year's Ashes series then he is definitely in the frame for the 'great' tag

Bedfordshire Clanger

So Dravid and Kallis are great based presumably on their records, and irrespective of their style, whilst Cook might not be because of his style? I appreciate that we're extrapolating 10 years ahead, but it seems a bit strange to me ....


Whether style is integral to batting greatness is a moot point. Personally, I believe that there are players that achieve greatness through concentration and stamina. Of the current crop, I think a strong case can be made for Jonathan Trott and with such players, statistics have to be called in evidence. To date, Trott has accumulated 1965 at 57.79. Should he continue to score as heavily over the next few years, his average, aggregate and 'style' will compare well with the likes of Sutcliffe (4555 at 60.73) and Barrington (6808 at 58.67). Already his average is significantly better than Boycott's (8114 at 47.72) and directly comparable with Sir Len Hutton's (6971 at 56.67). Normally, I am one who does not argue armed with statistics, but perhaps the exception proves the rule here. I propose that Jonathan Trott is qualified to be regarded as a batsman on the edge of genuine greatness! A show of hands on that one, please!

The Reverse Sweep

Ah! The first pitch for Trott!

The Reverse Sweep

I guess Kallis is considered great not just for his batting, but also his bowling. On stats alone he must rank in the two greatest all-rounders of all-time. Dravid has a few more strings to his bow than Cook at present IMO - especially the fact that he invariably gets runs when other don't and he is easier on the eye than the England man. Cook is likely to become England's highest accumulator in Test cricket and may even challenge the eventual target set by Tendulkar - I still feel that he will need to add a bit more style to the substance if he is to be considered great in years to come, but as an Englishman I'd be delighted if he proves me wrong.

Account Deleted

While talking about the cricket greats it is difficult to select one player. But if selected from the active players then it is Kallis, tendulkar, Ponting and Dravid.

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