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Sunday, October 23, 2011


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Christian Krämer

Let me get this straight: there is too much one-day cricket played (agreed!) and therefor Test Cricket is dying (not understood) ... I'd rather say they kill cricket all together with all this 'let's add another tournament to this list that nobody gives a rats ass about' - so I actually think that Test Cricket is going to be the last form that will still have a meaning and 'caracter' a few years down the road. Because it is so much more fun to cheer for your country than for a franchise. It is about time the brits teach us continental Europeans how to play it and we would have a Test Euro Champs with France, Germany, The Netherlands and Ireland. That would make a football World Cup look like a tea party in the park.


Agreed that this is alarming. Five fockin' one day internationals - what a drag.

What I also find frustrating is that here in India, majority of your average cricket fan don't bother much at all with test cricket. A top 40 tune or two is fine once in a while, but not all the time.

Pakistan vs Srilanka - 2 tests, followed by 5 odis. Well, atleast king kumar gave us a rare treat (although the pitch/stadium/conditions were depressing as hell to view).

Aus vs SA - My phone has a reminder for when the test series begins. Skip till then.

Yeah, I'm an elitist hipster!

Ed Lamb

I have the same no doubt daft question that I put on All Out Cricket. Why is an ODI seen as better financially than a Test match? Why is 2 extra Tests not seen as better than a dull 7 match ODI series as there will probably be more days to extract revenue?

Anecdotally there are lots of people who love cricket enough that they'll watch any format, with ODI cricket lapped up in the absence of a Test to watch. Cricket marketers hopefully realise that doesn't necessarily mean spectators want more ODIs - it just means they're buying the nearest available substitute for Test cricket.

The Reverse Sweep

I'm not sure Ed, but I guess that television pays per match, so five ODIs puts more cash in the till than one five day Test.

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