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Thursday, June 09, 2011


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Its Hindi, not Urdu and when it starts, the caption says 'Badman' ;)


Is this for real?!


strewth! The caption at the beginning does indeed say "badman", but it's a literal phonetic rendering of the English word "badman" -- @Dileep: is that normal?

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks Dileep. I stand corrected and should have known that. The coverage seems a bit OTT to say the least!

Ian Jackson

Tha facts of the matter are :
1. Prior attempted to cheat when he dislodged a bail when Johnson was batting and then appealed to the umpire!!! How was he allowed to get away with this??!! It was forgotten so quickly it was almost as if there was a media conspiracy involved!!
2. Prior cannot control his temper when he is run out because he is a poor judge of a run and destroys a window!
He should be permanently dropped for the good of the game.

The Reverse Sweep

Not a fan of Prior then Ian?


This is hilarious. Is this the Indian FOX NEWS???

pembe maske fiyat

You don't need to understand the Hindi to see how dimly Indian TV viewed Matt Prior's part in Glovegate. There's lots of dramatic music as well as references to the Gentleman's Game and Prior being a badman.

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