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Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Ian Ashworth

Couldn't agree more with this post except in one point - the use of "probably" in the last sentence.

Cricket Burble

On the Graeme Smith incident, the broadcaster didn't have the sound up which meant Harper was considered blameless by the ICC (

But ignoring the fact that the ICC should have been checking the sound feed rather than relying on a broadcaster, Harper himself surely would have been confused as to why there was no sound prior to the ball he was asked to adjudicate on? That's the bit that puzzles me....why didn't he ask a technician to come in and fix the issue within the first must have been very obvious there was a problem with the sound when he couldn't hear the batsman shuffling around in their crease or comments from fielders.

The Reverse Sweep

It was perhaps a it injudicious of me Cricket Burble to blame Harper for the sound not being tured up, though as you said surely he should have noticed!


You, probably, were mistaken?

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