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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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Tough call, but I'd go with Bopara, as it seems very likely the selectors will. Morgan is exciting and offers something very different which is at a high premium in limited overs cricket, but I've yet to be persuaded he's a test batsman. His first class average isn't exactly impressive. Bopara still has to prove he can do it consistently at the highest level, of course, but his technique looks good for Test cricket, and his bowling is under-rated, imo.

The Reverse Sweep

If it comes to a decision between Bopara and Morgan, I would go for Bopara too. I am also not convinced by Morgans suitability for Test cricket and by putting the IPL above getting scores in the CC he has probably helped make the selectors minds up for them. As you said, Bopara can also offer a few overs of useful medium pace too. Personally though, I would pick James Taylor. He is the best of the lot IMO.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I'm not convinced by either of them, but I feel Bopara will get the nod for his bowling.

If it was a decision based on out-and-out batting, I'd probably go with Morgan. But it isn't, as bowling will come into it. So it has to be Ravi really.

Although if Samit Patel really gets his act together and scores plenty of CC runs this season, he could come into contention in the longer run (should Ravi fail again). But I feel he would have to do a hell of a lot to convince AF that he is worth the risk after last winter's gut fest.

Like you said as well, ODI is probably his best chance in the short term.

Cricket Burble

Bopara every time for me. And I agree that Stokes and Patel's way in is via the ODI team. I hope England support Bopara from here on in....if he gets the same support/chances as Ian Bell has had he'll be a big success.

The Reverse Sweep

Of the six I short-listed, my order would be 1.Taylor, 2.Ravi, 3. Hildreth, 4.Morgan, 5.Samit, 6. Stokes - Im not convinced by Morgan as a Test batsman (although Id be happy if he proved me wrong). I feel Bopara would do well at six, but for me it has to be Taylor, who is an extremely good player.


The selectors order I believe will be 1.Morgan/Bopara (too close to call), 3. Hildreth, 4. Taylor, 5. Patel and 6. Stokes - although the latter two will be in the ODI/T20 shake-up.

The Reverse Sweep

Id still go for Taylor over Bopara, but Ravi would be my second choice and I feel he would do well from number six. He was never a test number three, but a five or six? Maybe.

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