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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Sky aren't showing the Lions v Sri Lanka match either.

The Reverse Sweep

Incredible isnt it?


pretty poor show, tbh...


It's a real shame considering how much Yorkshire are struggling. I really don't like Yorkshire. Sky are bastards. 4 channels of sport and what is on now?

Replay of football from yesterday, Norwegian motocross, World cup of pool, football asia. Surely more people would watch cricket?

Howe zat

No-one gives a fuck anymore ftr.

Lanky are shit and will always be shit.

All we need to know.

Howe zat

Was hammered last night ftr.

Was supposed to be a joke, on reflection sound a bit whiny.

The Reverse Sweep

Theres nowt being on the wrong end of a Roses match. Or so it would seem.

The Reverse Sweep

Sky Sports has a lot to answer for sometimes. And then there is Charles Colville...

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