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Monday, May 02, 2011


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That is brilliant. Nothing better than some free publicity from a cricketer. I've been trying to get Graeme Swann to get pissed at me for a couple of years but he's too damn good!


Oi, things getting a bit heated here. Just one comment...

"Apart from having a fairly poor grasp of the English language"

English is not his first language :)

I understand your gripes, but I think Petersen is still learning. I met him last year at the Cricket SA Annual launch and, I must say, in person he is one of the most gentle and introverted players I've ever come into contact with, so I'm quite surprised by this little tirade.

You've obviously gotten underneath his skin, so there might have been some truth to his frustrations and perhaps he thought he was, like you said, just being honest.

Let's hope this helps him for the better, in all aspects.


"Apart from having a fairly poor grasp of the English language and for kindly referring to us as a journalist"

"Our subsequent post "Alviro Petersen gets too honest on Twitter" wasn't the best post we've ever written, but neither was it our WORSE"

Oh dear...

The Reverse Sweep

Ant, thanks for tip about English not being his first language - I should have realised that and have now deleted it.

It sounds like AP could be under a bit of pressure in Wales - to be fair he walked into a bit of a firestorm after what happened there over the winter - none of which was his fault.

It's a shame in a lot of ways. As his honesty on Twitter was refreshing - if a little too candid perhaps. And he obviously cares too otherwise he wouldn't be too worried about what an insignificant blog like this thinks.

Hopefully, he'll bang a double hundred in the next match and never look back.

Not sure he's captaincy material though, even if I'd gladly be proved wrong.


"Hopefully, he'll bang a double hundred in the next match and never look back."

I hope so too!

As for the captaincy gig, not sure if he is right for that role either, but let's hope that being thrown into the deep-end helps him learn like Biff did with SA all those years back (or is that stretching it a bit too far?)

Either way, I hope this whole experience helps him regain his form that will see hi return to the South African fold.

Michael Counsell

Well the double century did come...

The Reverse Sweep

That he did Michael and a brilliant innings it was too if the commentary of Henry Blofeld is to be believed. AP seems to be doing well at Glamorgan and they could go top of D2 if they beat Surrey and Northants fail to win against Leics.

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