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Thursday, May 05, 2011


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Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I think you've summed it up quite well, there just isn't too many other viable options.

I agree that Bell did well captaining Warwickshire, but on the down side he hasn't done the job that often. Although I'm sure I'm right in thinking that Michael Vaughan didn't captain Yorkshire too often before getting the England job.

Is Bell really a leader of men though?

I'm not 100% behind Cook either, but he gets on with Flower, will end up as test captain and who else is there?

Another point which I'm not too pleased about is that we will now probably end up with 3 different captains.

Which can't be ideal in the long run.

The Reverse Sweep

Three captains is at least one too many. Indeed, England now has as many captains as Osama bin Laden had wives!

Ian Jackson

Have you noticed how Broad behaves?!!!
How can he possibly be considered captaincy material?
As they used to say in my day : "He couldn't captain a rowing boat on a lake"!

The Reverse Sweep

You never know it could be the making of young Broad, Ian?

Three England cricket captains, Ken & Barbie, Henry VIII and Osama bin Laden - all in one post!

Ian Jackson

Anything is possible, but what a massive gamble!! And how would the mature, responsible players react to being led by a temperamental, aggressive young hothead?

The Reverse Sweep

You may be right Ian, but at least England fans can console themselves with the fact it is only T20. If it was the Test side, then I really would be concerned!


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