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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


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I was having a conversation on similar lines recently. Though I do think Sky have enough channels to actually show a bit of a competition I am pretty sure they hold the rights to. Surely t can't get fewer viewers than some of the crap they fill their schedules with.

Ed Lamb

Assuming the rights are sorted, half an hour would be good. 2 hours? I'm a cricket fanatic but I can't spare that long each day.

I can't help thinking the counties don't make enough of highlights packages to be viewed online. I'd be up for the quick highlights of all other counties but might want to watch Sussex highlights in more depth. And I'd pay a small amount for the privilege...

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I'd imagine that due to broadcasting rights it would have to be Sky, that's down to Gile$ Clarke and his big cheque for exclusive rights.

But at the same time it is a disgrace that there is not even a weekly round up.

They do one on ITV 4 (I think it is) for Premiership Rugby Union, ITV don't cover Rugby Union, so that proves a deal can be struck if they really want too.

And after the end to last years season and the start of this one, the county championship hasn't been this entertaining for years.


The problem would be the camera setup at a ground - it's all well and good having 1 camera like Sky Sports News have at a ground but you couldn't use that for a highlights show because the camera is never behind the bowlers arm, etc. It works in football and rugby because the main cameras are set in that position also - if you're going to do this with cricket it'd have to be a proper setup like a live match and I guess Sky don't feel it's worth it sadly otherwise they'd show matches live?

The Reverse Sweep

It seems that a lot of us agree. The CC deserves some exposure on TV. The campaign starts here!

The Reverse Sweep

Me too Ed as far as Sussex is concerned. Id prefer two hours, but lets face it beggars cant be choosers and county cricket fans are definitely beggars when it comes to CC matches on TV...

The Reverse Sweep

Im hearing you there MartDawg. Sky Sports 3 just has drivvle on mainly

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

What's happening here? Is Sky Sports 3 being compared to ITV4, BBC3, etc?

Howe zat

This is one of two things needed to properly liven up the CC. The other, obviously, is cheerleaders. Implimenting both ASAP sshould be the ECB's priority.

The brilliant thing about this plan is that Charles Colville could be relied on to provide both roles.

The Reverse Sweep

You forgot one thing Howe_zat: DLF maximums

Howe zat

Sixes are a bit too far between to bring in enough sponsorship revenue. And no-one really knows who DLF actually are, so both the sponsor and the sponsored event could be better suited to county audiences.

How about the Jacob's Creek Dot Ball?

The Waitrose Well-Judged Leave?

The Reverse Sweep

The Jacobs Creek Dot Ball. Brilliant.

pembe maske fiyatı

what about producing a nightly highlights programme

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