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Monday, April 11, 2011


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This is such BS. Explain how exactly is a new side going to get better and capable of giving Australia a fight in the long run, by playing LESS against Australia. On the one hand you are unhappy about ICC excluding associates from the World Cup, and on the other you are complaining about a top 3 side playing a full strength squad against a bottom 2 side. Schizophrenia, anyone? This is precisely why I think most of the non-South Asian bloggers bellyaching about the ICC's 'no associates in 2015' decision are a bunch of sorry hypocrites - they are worried about Ireland, not associate cricket. In fact if Bangladesh and Zimbabwe had been dropped from the next WC and Ireland and Scotland or Ireland and Holland been added instead, I swear 80% of the bloggers of non-subcontinental origin would have been perfectly fine with it. Blog after blog is full of two faced tripe like this one - don't ban associates, but don't play against them either. WTF?


I'm afraid I agree with the above poster, particularly seeing Watson's blistering 185 from 96 the other day (with 15 sixes). If they'd batted first they could well have got over 400. Instead they simply ended up chasing 220ish with 24 overs spare. A true batting master-class. And he even managed a smile!

The Reverse Sweep

Au contraire. I have no problem with Bangladesh playing Australia. As
you say they are not going to get more competitive by just playing the
likes of Zimbabwe or maybe even England!

My gripe is the timing. Only one week after the World Cup has ended,
there is another ODI series. There are not even any Tests so the whole
thing seems like a complete waste of time.

As for the Associates and the World Cup, I have always consistently
said that they should have a seat at the table. Not in a seven team
format designed to breed loads of pointless matches. But in a four
groups of four format whereby if for example England lose to
Bangladesh, then there is a good chance of them getting knocked out at
the group stage.

It is called the magic of the cup.


I guess the timing might have more to do with the demands of the international cricket calendar. It is winter for Australia right now, but for Bangladesh this is the last 2 months before rains kick in, and it rains a whole lot. I wish each of the top 4-5 sides actually squeeze in 2 such series against bottom 5 sides each year - even 3 ODI series help these teams get better. Imagine if Ireland, Kenya, Canada etc can play 2 such series every year, against Aus, India, Pak, SL, NZ etc. 1 at home and at least 1 away. Then, when the next cup comes around, maybe we won't hear the commentators call them "minnows" in that supercilious way they have.


@yenjvoy -- I don't think you know who your friends are, mate. There's nothing inconsistent in arguing that present ODI series between Aus. and Bangladesh is poorly conceived and being a staunch supporter of more top-class cricket for the smaller teams.

A series like this, so soon after the World Cup and in identical conditions, is merely grist to the mill of those who see Australia playing Bangladesh as an utterly pointless and unattractive proposition.

What we need is more of the bigger teams playing smaller teams as warm-ups and preludes to tours, not "after the lord mayor's show". Teams which tour England should play Ireland, the Netherlands and/or Scotland, for example.

As far as Bangladesh is concerned, well, they're a full test-playing nation, so a three-ODIs-and-then-home series is an insult to them, imo.

The Reverse Sweep

The series may be pointless (I am not going to change my mind on that one), but Watsons innings was a spectacular display of hitting even if the bowling was as abysmal as I have seen from a supposed international attack.

The Reverse Sweep

Three games is just the right amount for a ODI series - seven matches really is overkill. I agree that the bigger nations should play one or two warm-up series against the leading Associate nations plus Zimbabwe and Bangladesh a year - maybe as warm-ups to major series i.e. India are in England this summer, so could play a couple of games against Ireland, Netherlands and/or Scotland.


I still think this particular series is poorly timed and unnecessary. The players must be knackered after the World Cup - let them rest.

The Reverse Sweep

Great minds think alike Simon. Or so it seems!

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