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Friday, March 18, 2011


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Stopped reading at "Ricky Ponting’s increasingly bizarre histrionics aside", irrelevant and demonstrating a complete lack of substantiated knowledge. Disappointing from someone who is usually worth a read.

The Reverse Sweep

Im sorry you didnt like it Mikeysky, but how else would you describe Pontings increasingly frequent shows of temper - if reports are to be believed. There was the agruments with the umpires in the MCG Test, the smashed television, the words with Smith and then there is his form. We have huge respect here for Pontings achievements, but it is sad to see one of the all-time greats struggling so badly for both form and dignity.


I'm on your side here RS. Ponting has earned my (grudging) respect over the years, but his behaviour has been odd of late, and that is presumably down to his poor form with the bat. However, As much as I'd absolutely love to, I can't write him or his team off.

Thank God for England though. The group stages would have been roughly one hundredth as interesting without our devotion to utter inconsistency.


See this this article regarding Ponting, provides a bit of perspective to what are generally non issues:

It's all obviously opinion, you yourself say 'if reports are to be believed' hardly a ringing endorsement of your mentioning him in this piece. My disappointment stems more from the complete lack of relevance to mentioning Ponting in a negative fashion for the article. But thanks for replying, sorry if my complaint seems pretty, I enjoy your work, but the Ponting reference annoyed me as it is buying into what is essentially a non issue. Cricket here has some real things to work out going ahead, Ponting's alleged temper problems isn't high on the agenda.


Yeah I agree with RS on Ponting, although if he was batting really well no one would care much.

I'm glad Australia isn't meeting England in the quarters though, they just seem intent with doing the opposite of what any sane person would predict. This will probably mean beating a team or two then bombing out when it seems safe to respect them again.

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks Pedro, its a shame actually that Australia arent playing England in the QF as being the craziest team on the planet at the moment (even beating Pakistan!), England would probably win. I cant say I am so confident though about beating Sri Lanka on their home patch. The temper stuff with Ponting is a bit of a non-issue, but I wouldnt consider myself English if I didnt have a sly dig!

The Reverse Sweep

Im glad you normally enjoy the blog Mikeysky! Fair point on the Ponting comment being unrelated to the article - although the point I was trying to make was more that Group A turned out to be a rather drab and predictable affair with only the incidents involving Ponting being worthy of any comment. As I said, I actually have a grudging respect for Ponting - he has been a fantastic batsman, and I guess that if he was scoring runs no-one would comment on what are as you say pretty minor issues. Still, as a Pom it is always a pleasure to be able to have a sly dig at the Australian captain!

The Reverse Sweep

Wouldnt disagree with you there MartDawg, although Australia will have their work cut out to beat India in the QF. Finally, the WC gets interesting!

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