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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


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I don't think people are writing him off. The key difference between here and November is that back then people were saying he might bowl badly in theory, when he'd actually bowled really well over the summer.

Now, he's bowling badly in practise. At the end of both innings, a crucial stage for your top fast bowler, Jimmy has lost the plot. He's been bowling long hops and beamers. Something has clearly gone wrong.

I think he's been a top ODI performer over the years and he'll be back - maybe by the knockout stages. This is a long, long tournament.

But for now he needs to take a couple of matches out, get his head down in the nets and rediscover his basics. It could work wonders for him. Something needs to be done, as unlike before the Ashes, something has evidently gone wrong.

If there's one thing we could draw from the Ashes here, it's what happened to Mitchell Johnson after being "rested" at Adelaide.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I'd made my mind up on Sunday that he needed a rest or to be dropped, whichever you want to call it.

I'm now not so sure, I think the Ireland game could be a chance for him to bowl himself back into some sort of form.

But then again, maybe he just needs a rest, as he looks shot.

Only Anderson and the tour management know whats going on. I suppose we have got to trust them to make the right call.

The Reverse Sweep

You may be right Howe_zat, but maybe the Ireland game is just what he needs. An improved performance and a couple of wickets could do wonders for his confidence. Better that then sitting out the match.

The Reverse Sweep

Dean, Im glad that Flower agrees with me as Jimmy is in the side today. A couple of wickets will do wonders for his confidence

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