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Sunday, February 06, 2011


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Don't get me wrong, I'd ban the whole lot of 'em for life, but what makes you think Salman Butt is the worst? And why does everyone have so much sympathy for Aamer when they have so much vitriol for the others? I'd have banned all three for life.

But if you think Butt is the ringmaster, I think that's a little naive. This was going on before Butt -- but was just elevated into a position of more importance in the scam after he became captain. We've heard some of what Younis and Yusuf have had to say -- the Akmal's (and other) deliberate under-performances and trouble-making to get the old fixing regime replaced with a new fixing regime seem to be pretty typical of the way this has been being run. Salman Butt was just the figure-head for the current clique because he was a plausible choice for captain. I don't see any reason to treat him any different from Aamer -- they're both talented but corrupt young men who can point at others who've lead them astray, but ultimately must accept responsibility for their own actions.

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The match fixing scandal has just ended his rest of the career and he should also not be allowed to be associated with any form and level of cricket.

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