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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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Swann would be my pick as well - seems like the strongest and most resilient of character in this English team.

TBH - England MIGHT spring in a surprise, but that 7 odi series has taken away the freshness of the team we witnessed during the Ashes. Of course, they did play crap cricket at times, but cmon, SEVEN odi's?? After which, they gotta fly half way across the world back home, and another few more thousand miles to India within a span of few weeks. Physically, sure, a few days rest and good to go, but only Swann gives me that vibe at any point that he's up for the challenge, mentally.


Pieterson is a troop transport?

Anyway you guys are very brave to think you will beat the Aussies. You have the wood on us in test cricket but you just can't match us in this (dying) format.

The Reverse Sweep

Doh! I meant to type MVP not MPV! Cheers Pedro. England were just warming up in the ODI series down under, if they come up against the Aussies in the WC there will be only one winner and they wont be wearing canary yellow!!

The Reverse Sweep

For once I agree with KP AB, the schedule handed to the England team was ridiculous. A three match ODI series and some time for the players to recuperate from a long trip back home with their families was what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately the English and Australian boards went for the greedy option and decided to play a seven match series. Englands chances of winning the WC were slim, now they are pretty much non-existent. That said I still think theyll beat the Aussies if they play them!

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