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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


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Howe Zat

Not that I like Watto or anything, but I feel you've been a touch harsh here. True, his Test performances have been generally good-but-not-great, and will stay that way until he learns to make the best of good starts.

However, his ODI record is geuinely excellent over the last couple of years. Most specialist batsmen struggle to average 40 for a reasonably lengthy period. Watson has done it from the top order with a very healthy strike rate and has been a valid wicket-taking option too.


Yup, I'm nowhere close to a watto fan, but his one day record is excellent.

Sometimes, those power hitting 50s & 60s is what's required I guess. But it's been ages since I've even viewed 70 completed overs in a one day game!

Oh well, point noted. (lets just say, on the current state of Aussie TEST cricket).

The Reverse Sweep

Ypure right AB, Watson is a genuinely good ODI player - my point was more that he had little competition for that prize considering Michael Clarke came second. Its just fascinating that a bloke who did all right, not much more can sweep all the prizes. A few years ago, he would have been dropped from the test side for his performances! It just all goes to show that the Australian cricket castle - impressive as it was - was actually built on pillars of sand

pembe maske

Beating a man who is increasingly being booed by his own supporters is hardly something to write home about - if indeed, Watson can write anything more than his name.

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