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Friday, February 11, 2011


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Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I had to laugh when I heard this one.

To follow on from your point about after match analysis before the game, my take on this is that we now - as you have rightly already pointed out - have expert advice on which games we need to bet on for an upset.

Which 7 or 8/1 underdogs are going to be successful.

Get your betting accounts ready for the worlds best cricket tipster, he has all the best contacts, it's the man in the know - ladies and gentlemen it's the one and only
Salman Butt.

Maybe I have missed a trick here, I should have signed him up for my website. Then again, these days expert advice is way too expensive!

You can't buy if for $5000 dollars like in Warne and Mark Waugh's day.

More equivalent comparisons are - this is like getting human rights advice off Robert Mugabe, or asking Geroge Bush for advice on how to appease the Muslim world.

The Reverse Sweep

Maybe you could sign up Asif or Aamer instead!!


This makes perfect sense.


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