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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


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It's become quite fashionable to whine about sport like this. There's too much. It's boring. It's all about money.

Well, here's a solution. If you don't want to watch back to back Ashes series... don't. If you're bored by test no. 6 just turn off the tv and walk away. No one is going to make you follow it.

Same goes for the idiots who complain endlessly about the Champions League group stages. If you think the match will be boring or pointless or predictable... do something else.


Three Ashes series in 2 years.



I think you are missing the point somewhat there Ben - whether we watch it or not it will still be on and will still be devaluing the series.The viewing figures have dropped year on year for the group stages of the Champions League but we stil have them. It's still all about the money and not about the sport, and that isn't really the point of sport is it? What about the corinthian spirit and all that? I'm sorry but I actually would rather stand up for better sport, and competitions which have a greater value. Otherwise you lose the meaning of sport, which I guess you just don't understand.


They really are utter bastards. It is overkill and takes away a big element of what makes the series special. The most annoying thing is despite Ben's sage advice I am sure I will still end up watching as much of it as I can. They are banking on this being a common phenomenon.

It won't work forever cricket administrators. You managed to butcher the previously enjoyable as a brief interlude domestic T20 game, please leave the Ashes alone.


Agree here -- very poor decision.

As I get older (read: I'm not a student any more!) it gets harder and harder to follow every moment of a five test series. I have stuff to do. For the Ashes, however, I pull out all the stops. 10 tests in six months will be too much, though, and I'll miss quite a lot (especially as a resident of a non-cricket-playing country, when things like highlights packages can be hard to find).

The result is I will feel less involved in the series, and my bond with it will weaken. Not much, perhaps, as I am a true cricket tragic (note: this is the only respect in which I consider myself to have anything in common with John Howard), but a little. Sad. And utterly unnecessary.

The Reverse Sweep

Ive certainly taken your advice as far as the Champions League goes Ben - I dont watch the group stages and just tune in when the knockout part starts. I hear what youre saying, but the Ashes is supposed to be an event, and part of that is the associated build-up and anticipation. Two series in six months isnt special, its overkill.


The Reverse Sweep

T20 is gone now MartDawg. God knows how many matches there will be this year. I am falling asleep already at the prospect...

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