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Friday, January 07, 2011


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Bit harsh on Siddle I think. He's probably the only Aussie to emerge with any credit whatsoever - a hat-trick, better batting average than both Punter and Pup, etc. To give him the same as Hughes and less than Watson seems a bit much, no?


Apologies, having raced into a comment about Siddle, I now appreciate these ratings are for Sydney and not for the whole series. *facepalm*

Eddy Jenner

Nice blog. Agree with every word. Didn't think I would ever say this but- well done England.

Eddy Jenner

Actually allow me to expand. Having agreed with comments about the players, I think the biggest answer to the question 'what next' is that major management changes are needed. Hilditch, Sutherland and Nielsen are swanning around with idiot grins droning 'I didn't do it', they all need to be lined up against a wall and, er, be given their marching orders. Competent management isn't the only key to a good cricket team like England's but it obviously helps. We have many former great players with good cricket minds in Australia working in the media, surely some can be brought back onto the scene, along with some overseas talent as well.

Howe Zat

I would worry about your first "experimental" usage into illicit blog commenting, Eddy.

You post one brief comment and then you feel the need to expand on it, and then before you know it you're compelled to start ranting your heart out to someone you've never met and not even sure if they agree with you or not.

Gateway drug, my friend.

The Reverse Sweep

That's ok Rohan. As you say Siddle deserves a better mark than 4 for the series and doubtless that will be the case when I get around to doing my series marks out of 10 later!

The Reverse Sweep

Eddy you are right on Hilditch especially. As an Englishman, I may wish him to continue in his role, but surely someone like Steve Waugh should be brought in. With the current dearth of quality players on Oz, they need to find cricketers with a bit of the animal about them - like Siddle and Haddin for instance - and build from there.

Eddy Jenner

Howe Zat, I know what I'm doing and I can stop any time I like, ok? So I like a bit of a blog from time to time, it's perfectly natural, I just like making comments and getting comments and....come to me comments........sweet sweet comments..........*BINGE BINGE BINGE BINGE BINGE*


A bit harsh on Clarke. I thought he showed application in his second innings and was dismissed after some virtuoso swing bowling from Anderson rather than carelessness.

I can't see Haddin being ditched for Paine unless others start performing. On current form he would make the Aussie side purely as a batsmen. If they try to rebuild they can afford to keep the bits that are working (like Haddin) since there are so few right now!

"...but surely someone like Steve Waugh should be brought in."

Maybe. It could work but bringing in a successful former captain is no guarantee of success as England discovered with Ray Illingworth and Peter May.


"I can't see Haddin being ditched for Paine unless others start performing. On current form he would make the Aussie side purely as a batsman."

Actually, that's what I'd do. Push him up the order, make him captain with Tim Paine as VC, and see how you go from there.

As for Hussey, "the kryptonite he took before the Brisbane Test has well and truly worn off now"... Hmm, dangerous words with the ODI series still to come... :)

The Reverse Sweep

You may be right on Hussey Simon, although the comment wasnt meant as a derogatory one - he was sensational for the first three Tests and there was no way he could be expected to keep bailing out the Aussies. The Haddin-Paine battle to a tricky one. As you say, Haddin is a fine batsman - but he is 30 and Paine is 22 and a far better keeper. I think you may have cottoned to the best solution of playing Haddin as a specialist batsman. Interesting times for Australia. 

The Reverse Sweep

True, bringing in a former great doesnt always help, but surely the beleagured Hilditch has to go. I think Haddin is a fine batsman and maybe that is the way to go with him in the side as a batsman and Paine taking the gloves. Paine looks a better keeper in any case, and at least it would enable Australia to get one of its better young players into the XI. Others like Khawaja, Mitchell Marsh and pattinson look promising, so I dont think the future is the doom and gloom picture that some of the Aussie press are painting now. But as a long-suffering Englishman, it is all rather enjoyable!


"But as a long-suffering Englishman, it is all rather enjoyable!"

Part of what I'm really enjoying is the silly suggestions in the press. I read them suggesting ideas that didn't work for England in the '90s and I hope they're adopted by the hapless Hilditch.

I'm also hoping that Australia's search for the new Shane Warne continues to follow in the footsteps of our search for the new Botham.

The Reverse Sweep

Theyre already making a start on finding wholly unsuitable candidates for the new Warne  - hence the premature inclusion of Smith in the side and the bizarre selections of Doherty and Beer. Hauritz may not be a great spinner, but he is the best that Oz have and therefore should have been included in the Test side. England still would have won the Ashes, but it would have been a bit closer.

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