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Saturday, December 18, 2010


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You should try seeing it from an Aussie point of view. On forums as soon as he gets above 60, people start running polls on what score in the 90's he will get out on. Because it's Watson, it's laughable.

The Reverse Sweep

I know that Channel 9 ran a poll asking if viewers thought that Twatto would get his ton. Surprisingly, most people thought he would.

At least it provided some cheer on a dismal day for England fans.

Randy McCain

Man this blog is biased.

Watson is a fine player, what other opening batsman do you know that can bowl at 130km/h, and consistantly hit 50-100 runs. As an Aussie fan, I'd rather have a guy getting 30 - 90 in each start than someone like Strauss who gets 0 - 100.

And Smith wasn't lucky... if he wasn't out, he wasn't out. Also, the UDRS has a failure of about 2 cms, therefore that LBW appeal was just that. An appeal. I can't help think that if that was an English (or South African) batsman, you wouldn't have even mentioned that appeal.

The Reverse Sweep

Don't get me wrong Randy, I acknowledge that Watson is a good player for the reasons you give, but still feel that until he starts converting some of these fifties into hundreds his position as an opening batsman should be debated.

My thoughts on the review system would be the same whatever the badge on the helmet. If it's out, it's out and if there is a failure margin then until it can be corrected, UDRS shouldn't be used.

Now Smith was lucky. He deserves praise for gutsing it out, but he is no more a test number six than you and I. Again, I'd have said the same if Swann for example had come in at six and hit a similarly streaky 30 odd.

But well done Australia. It takes character to bounce back from the pumelling they had for eight successive days in this series and they thoroughly deserved their win.

It's all set-up nicely for the MCG and SCG now.

Randy McCain

Thanks for getting back to me. This is a great blog by the way (even if it's biased the wrong way;)).

I agree with you on the Review system, but in the whole it does add a level of fairness. For instance Pontings decision, he clearly gloved it, but was given not out. The UDRS overturned this, and England got a huge wicket. The last thing we need in such a close Ashes series is a repeat of the Indian tour in 2008, when the Indians had one bad decision go against them, and spent the rest of the series calling Australians cheats and trying to get rid of the umpires. UDRS does get rids of these howlers.

I agree that Smith isn't a number 6. Yet. He's a great talent, and at only 21, he could become an all time great one day. His leggies ae pretty decent, and while he's got a lot to learn, he could well become the next Warnie. Throw in a FC average of 43, (he had two SS seasons where he averaged 50 odd), and who knows what may happen, and where he could bat....

You'd be disappointed to know that the weather here in Perth has turned today. It's been raining all day here so far, which is extremely unusual for Perth this time of the year... obviously the rain dance that all the English fans performed came one day to late!

The Reverse Sweep

I did laugh Randy when I saw that it had rained on Perth on what would have been Day 5. Just as in Adelaide when the Aussies didnt show enough backbone in the 2nd innings, the same was true with England in Perth and both missed out on being saved by the rain. Im glad you like the blog - I try to be impartial, but it is difficult when it comes to the Ashes and the 24 years since England actually won the bloody thing down under. You may be right on Smith - he does have talent with bat and ball - I just wonder whether he is better of learning his trade in SS and ODIs rather than being dropped in at the deep end before he is ready. Only time will tell I guess.

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