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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Mick from Tempe

Mate you need to learn something about cricket before you start writing these blogs. I mean I know the internet gives everyone the right to say what they think (including me) but your analysis is pissweak. Ponting was you'd grant unlucky to get out the way he did in the first innings. He got a brisk and attractive half century in the second innings. Remind me again... how many second innings wickets did either side get? And the England bowlers have worked Watson out, eh? So tell me how many did they get him for in the second innings? Clarke should not have played. Stupid decision to play half fit players when covering players are there. North needs to go. Johnson needs to go. Doherty out bowled Swan. We'll see if Swan can bounce back. Smart money says that like Murali he's going to cop a hiding here. Murali's average here in Oz was awful. Admittedly that was against a superior Australian team but finger spinners who don't drift the ball have a hard time here. I'd say Australia and England come out of this Test even. But Australia needs to win the Ashes not just draw.


5 for Ponting might be a little harsh, perhaps, but otherwise this seems about right to me.

Mick - there's a chance you're right about the Murali/Swann comparison, but Swann *does* drift the ball as well as anyone in recent times, and poor though he was (by his own standards) I don't think Doherty out-bowled him.

I'm also a bit bemused at how you reckon the two sides come away from the Gabba even (except, perhaps, in the literal sense). As one kind of barometer, try reading the media (Australian or otherwise) and see which side's being talked about as needing to make changes for the next test.


Yup, his first innings dismissal seemed a bit unlucky...just one of those things! I think Ricky is just frustrated that he doesn't have the bowlers of the old who get the job done. The batsmen still do a reasonably good job (2 400+ vs India and now 480 again). But you know what, full credit to him for still hanging on with this Australian team. I'm not in favor of the constant Barmy Army booing and the media bashing he gets (and I am a neutral supporter). A team without Ricky from 2006/7 with Clarke captaining seems all the more worse.

The Reverse Sweep

Mick,you may not agree with me but I can assure you that I know a reasonable amount about cricket - hence the blog.

On Ponting, I may be a Pom but I am a big fan of his batting - if not his captaincy. You are right in that he looked good second time around, but I still say his first innings dismissal after lunch was more a case of bad shot rather than bad luck.

Granted both sides only took 11 wickets in the match, but the Aussies had scoreboard pressure and England still managed to rack up 500 odd for 1. That is a pretty damning indictment of the Aussie bowlers. I'd agree with you on Johnson who looks like he could do with lying down in a dark room at the moment.

I wouldn't say that Doherty outbowled Swann - both were poor and North actually looked the most effective spinner on show.

As for the England bowling attack - you are right that Finn's figures flattered him, but credit to a man playing his first Ashes test for keeping running in. Anderson was unlucky and Broad was reasonably ok.
The series will be very close - I reckon England might shade it simply because they have the slightly better bowlers, but we shall see.

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