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Sunday, October 17, 2010


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Mayank Jhaveri

I agree with you David.Buchanan was lucky to to win two world cups with Australia as a coach.The team had just too many greats.He failure with KKR in IPL also suggests he complicates the game to much.They had a coach for every department,even wicketkeeping,and did miserably.

For me,Dav Whatmore is one of the best coaches in cricket right now.He did really well with a mediocre Lankan team in '96 WC and with Bangladesh in '07 WC.Though he too,hasn't been successful with KKR.I guess,KKR is just too shit for even him.



A few things about Buchanan.

Half of the Aussie team never liked Buchanan's methods and that includes Warne, Mark Waugh, McGrath and Martyn yet ECB employed him.

Not just Warne but even Mark Waugh after listening to crap about strategies is believed to have said simple line and length used to work.

Buchanan has lots of theories. One theory is if a team bowls three maiden overs at the start of an innings a wicket would fall. Everyone knows that if you bowl maiden overs batsmen can get out under pressure lol.

Finally he is known to create divisions. Ask KKR and now his comments on KP.

Mayank Jhaveri

Yes Gb,

Having read Steve Waugh's autobiography,I am aware of how he went around with his tactics.One major thing that was talked about in it,was public criticism by Buchanan about Warne.It certainly pissed off Warne,who was anyways having an average year.

The Reverse Sweep

Mayank and greyblazer - it seems I am not alone in my loathing of Buck. Perhaps the most over-rated coach in any sport ever - well by himself anyway!


Really enjoying this blog.

I agree with all you have said, Australia have a history of selecting shite coaches. I'm Australian myself so I'm not having a go.

Warne had it right when he said that a coach(@ this level) can't tell you how to bowl a leg break or play a cover drive, so what's the point.

Captains are important, coaches aren't. Except possibly troy cooley. Buchanan is a nobody who wants publicity.

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