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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


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When the ICC has a problem with a test in the subcontinent getting over in 3 days you're bound to get high scoring games. To them a pitch that takes turn is poor while one that has swing or seam is good for test cricket. There was a test match in Ahmedabad in 2005 that got over on Day 5 and Clive Lloyd who was the match referee for that game reported the pitch wasn't good.

Looking at the average first innings score can be a bit misleading. You have to look at how quickly those runs were scored and also how the teams followed it up in the second innings, because spinners usually come into the game on the last two days. You hardly get swing in the subcontinent because conditions aren't overcast and they use the Kookaburra (Pak, SL, Ban) and the SG (Ind), neither of which swings as much or for as long as the Dukes.


If you consider just the current series we got a result in essentially less than 4 days of cricket at Galle. The SSC pitch was genuinely bad, just like the one in Ahmedabad last year. I think we'll have a result at the P Sara Oval. The score at the end of day 4 also doesn't tell you how many times the spinners ripped it past the batsmen. Our bowling has been rubbish for the most part and that is why Lanka have batted four and a half sessions now.


Looking a bit foolish today perhaps , monsieur sweep ?


Oops, I meant the score at the end of day 1.

The Reverse Sweep

I'm not sure about that Marco. It seems this test will indeed produce a result but I still feel that test cricket on the subcontinent would be better served by the preparation of wickets that have a better balance between bat and ball from day one.

The Reverse Sweep

Mahek, it looks like you are right about the likelihood of a result in the 3rd test. The ICC are wrong, of course - a pitch that helps swing, seam or spin from day one is good for test cricket providing that there is a balance between bat and ball. No doubt the stats are distorted by the fact that India and Sri Lanka are far better batting sides than they are bowling teams.


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