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Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Watch some hindi movies lately, David? I get your point and we all like to believe it's something like this, but there's also the possibility that guilty people use it to conceal their intentions.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I've no doubt that (if all allegations are true) the younger players in question have probably been led down the wrong path by more experienced members of their team, but that can't really be an excuse.

I do hope that this is proven to be untrue, and if not, I do hope it dosen't end the young mans career.

With regard to your theory - If, as we expect, the administrators are advising the players the correct route to follow. Then thats fine.

They can go out of their way to make sure they avoid these shifty characters, as advised.

If your team mates are then trying to guide you down this route, then what chance have you got?

It's one thing avoiding the shifty characters on the outside, but it is impossible to avoid the bad influences if they are playing in the same team as you.

These relationships haven't been built up overnight. These people would already have held influence over certain players, and the younger players would have got dragged into it as a result of this.

The Reverse Sweep

True Mahek, but if the three are guilty then some differentiation will be needed in the punishments to be handed out. One is an experienced bowler with chequered history, another is the captain, but Aamer is an 18 year old boy from an impoverished background. He may bowl like a man, but he is still a boy and would doubtless have been led astray by others or forced to do what he did. The size of the no-balls would suggest that he hadn't done much of it before!

The Reverse Sweep

Agreed Dean, if they are guilty then Aamer has doubtless been led astray by the others. But blackmail and threats could also be behind this. I hope they establish the 'why' as well as the 'if' before any bans are handed out.


Well the minimum sentence is 5 years so maybe they might just slap him with that. TBH I'm torn between wanting to see the kid bowl again (Maybe someday if I have kids I'd want them to watch him) and sending a strong message to other players that cricket has a zero tolerance policy towards fixing of any kind.

The Reverse Sweep

Good point Mahek. I have a nearly two year old son, and I'd be very sad if the only action of Aamer I had to show him was old DVDs or clips on You Tube. I'm torn exactly the way you articulate.

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