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Sunday, August 29, 2010


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It's true I'm afraid. We will have to wait, though, to see how many of them were involved and what their reasons are for doing this. It's all very murky.


Win or defeat is the part of the game. It is not like that whenever any of the Pakistani players performs well then people starts making several allegations against him. Now this time Muhammad Aamir is the victim of this. What I believe though Muhammad Aamir has delivered some stunning deliveries in last couple of test matches that the only reason that he came under such types of allegations.

They can't see any Pakistani to be flourished and ruled the cricket world. In my views it is all wake and it is just kind of a propaganda against upcoming Wasim Akram

The Reverse Sweep

It's an absolute tragedy if true, shortthirdman. Asif and Aamer would both make a World Test XI at the moment. And Aaamer is the best young bowler I've seen in my 30 years of watching cricket. I'd like to think that if he is involved then he has been coerced and or threatened into it. I fear for Pakistan cricket if this is all true, though no doubt they aren't the only culprits

Account Deleted

Mate, when I think back to some (or many,actually) events of the Sydney test earlier this year (And reading comments about suspicions raised by a few former players about certain matches AFTER the SCG test played by PAK) it seems IMPOSSIBLE to me that there cannot be PLENTY of foul play involved behind the scenes in this PAK side. And looking at some footage that has just come through here it appears it is Mohammad Asif who has led the youngster Amir astray.


The Reverse Sweep

I have no doubt VK that if there is corruption afoot in the Pakistan squad that it just doesn't end with the three currently in the dock. It's just all very sad. I just hope that as well as establishing whether they are guilty or not, we find out why they did it. If it was just for money then they deserve to be punished heavily, but if it was for other reasons then some understanding will be needed.

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I can't belive how lightly some people are accepting the fixing scandal. I'm sure the guys had their own reasons and I don't want to judge them, but match fixing ruins sports and that I can't accept!

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