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Saturday, August 07, 2010


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Still the greatest captain England has ever had. Read one aussie on a similar site saying how he despised Jardine, who had no doubt died before that particular aussie was born. He put a scar on the history of Australian cricket, and the legend of Bradman that has lasted 80 years!. And he was loved by the guys who played under him - something Bradman never managed. Tactically, he was so far ahead of his time it is staggering. The 2005 side all got royal gongs. Posthumous knighthood for jardine i say!

The Reverse Sweep

Hear, hear a posthomous knighthood is the least the the Establishment owes Jardine. They could give one to Larwood as well whilst theyre at it.


Interesting to listen to ian chappell on the 'bodyline' affair,taking into account that he was cheerleading the crowd chanting 'kill kill kill' in 74. Will be interesting to see if Ponting suggests to the selectors that he should be dropped after his 0 and 9 in the 2110 adalaide test, in the same way jardine did in 32/3.
Gubby Allen got an mbe, for being a self interested, public school, old schol tie politician, and handing back the ashes for PR purposes. Personally, I would rather have jardine and larwood on my side - at least i would know they actually WERE on my side, not on their own!! Know who the aussies would rather have on their side too. High time the mcc respected winners, and not just 'very nice' losers. Jardine always lead from the front, and deserved much better than he received. Truely great captain.

Marie Marshall

Strangely enough I had just written a blog about Jardine when I found yours (whilst looking for a suitable illustration). Mine is here:

By and large I think we come to similar conclusions. I called him a "man-of-steel".

Complete cricket-dyke here. Comes of having a cricket fanatic for a father! :)

The Reverse Sweep

I enjoyed reading your post on Jardine, Marie - definitely my favourite cricketer of all time

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