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Monday, August 16, 2010


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Ian Ashworth

He's a fantastic commentator, and very underrated. I'm always reading criticisms of him by people saying he's dull, but he's brilliantly witty and his rants are scarily intense and genuine, not like the whinging moans of some others.

Oh, and he was a bloody good bowler too.


Not quite old enough to remember him as the fine bowler he clearly was.

I can see why people think he is dull though. Very dry and not the most likeable of commentators. Having said that what he says I more often than not agree with and he is not shy of saying something others would deem a bit controversial. I thoroughly enjoy his spells on TV.

Top chap in my eyes, particularly given his performance in 'Botham's Test'. He is the cricketing Stan Mortensen to Botham's Stanley Matthews.

The Reverse Sweep

That is an excellent analogy Martdawg - Mortensen and Matthews, Willis and Botham! For me, it is Willis' caustic wit and venom that makes him so watchable. It is much better to have an opinion than not when commentating and no one can accuse Willis of ever sitting on the fence!

The Reverse Sweep

and like you Ian, he doesn't like Harmy too much either!

Julian Bates (Julio)

Mmm, I do have a vey soft spot for him (and I used to observe his eerie run-in, with his indeed 'gangly frame, and copied it (In fact I can still do it:).

But like Geoff Boycott, I only want a little. Perhaps it is becasue -being 'conviction-cricket-brains', they are only sure of their persepctive and don't really see or understand another (David Gour is almost a bit too good at that!)

But I do enjoy seeing him, listen and am oft amused by what he's got to say, and I agree with him usually about the umpires.

I love them all (Sky Sports and channel 5)...

The Reverse Sweep

Ha ha Julio, Willis is certainly a little one-eyed at times with his views!

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