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Monday, July 05, 2010


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Michael Hussey [...] showed exactly why he WAS rated one of the best one day batsman in the world. FTFY.

I think you have been very, very generous with the scores you've given Hopes, White, and of course Watson. (Although, I admit that the assessment of Watson's score is probably tainted by my intense Watson dislike.)

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks for the comments bettiwettiwoo, although I feel you are being a bit harsh on Hussey! I too share your dislike for Watson- does anyone actually like him?


'... you are being a bit harsh on Hussey'

I don't think recognising that Hussey isn't the batsman he once was is harsh. Or even unfair.

In Fellini's 'Intervista', they set off to visit Anita Ekberg and the comments they make about her are to the effect that she's a ruin, but oh, a ruin of something that once was so beautiful that one has to admire the ruin itself - not because of what it IS in itself, but because of what the ruin once was. It's an interesting sentiment/point of view. I feel a bit like that about Hussey. Or his batting, anyway.

Cricket Burble

I'd be careful about saying that Ponting is "unquestionably" in irreversable decline. People said the same about Tendulkar and Dravid who both showed they're not done yet. A similar small blip when aged 25 would be described as a short-term loss of form and just because he's 35 doesn't make it any different....if he was 40, perhaps. And I wouldn't mind a loss of form in which I scored 90odd in a 5 match ODI series!

The Reverse Sweep

I agree Cricket Burble that a loss of form with a great player like Ponting is all relative! I wrote as much last week after that 92

I guess being an Englishman, there is some wishful thinking on my part. I still fear a Ponting hundred at The Gabba!

The Reverse Sweep

Nice! I bet that Hussey has never been compared with Anita Ekberg before! I should explain that when I said 'unfair' I meant that Hussey is still one of the five best ODI batsmen in the World with Sachin, Morgan, Amla and Sehwag/Dilshan. In fact, Hussey is three batsmen with the different roles he can play - sometimes in the same innings!


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