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Friday, July 02, 2010


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Australia -> Brazil (Most successful)
West Indies -> Uruguay (Past glory)
England -> Germany (Young multicultural sides)
India -> Spain (Flair, regional factions, little success)

Shridhar Jaju

In addition to Mahek,

South Africa -> England... lots of names, but never get across the line! Also, Greame Smith does look a bit like Frank Lampard, doesn't he?

The Reverse Sweep

I can see the Brazil-Aussie comparison too Mahek and indeed wrote a post today about their lost aura (Brazil, Australia and the loss of sporting aura So, maybe it should be Germany or Brazil for Australia. I thought about Uruguay for the West Indies but their renaissance in this WC left me with a short term comparison with Italy. I still think India are more like England for the same reasons as your recent post ('golden' generation, press hysteria and post mortems when they fail)

As an Englishman I could never agree with a comparison with Germany, but I can see your thinking!

The Reverse Sweep

Nice one Shridhar - Graeme Smith does look a bit like a fatter Frank Lampard!


To be fair to Bangladesh, they are in the top 10 sides in the world. It is just, because of cricket's elitist structure, they only get to play the top-9. If you compared Portugal's record against the major footballing powers they wouldn't be much better.

For mind:
New Zealand-Netherlands
Sri Lanka-Spain
West Indies-Argentina
South Africa-Brazil

Ravi Ramkalewan

West indies would be brazil, we play with more panache and style than anybody else. Viv richards would be pele and brian lara would be zico

The Reverse Sweep

The old West Indian side of the 70s to early 90s, I agree Ravi, but unfortunately those days seem to have gone for West Indian cricket

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