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Saturday, June 12, 2010


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Have just read the headline on Twitter and thought "yes yes a thousand times yes!!!" The rest of the post is also largely agreeable. Something interesting: TheSkiver at Cricket With Balls wrote a post about why cricket is better than football (or something along these lines), and he noted the difference in education, too. I honestly have to say that this is the reason why cricket press conferences make me physically sick (Punter/Claargghh, just to name the two worst slickos), but the chance of a footballer slipping up, coming out of his cover and saying something interesting/honest is a lot greater. Or maybe equal. Haven't counted :P
Anyway great blog,

Have a nice weekend,


Completely & utterly agree, although I'd go a bit further. I desperately want the football team to lose, every time they play. I just cannot support a team of cretins, rapists, liars, cheats, bigamists & violent thugs.



It's hardly surprising that the Italian coach is the most interesting and communicative one amongst them.

He's ITALIAN. And they are the world champions of chat.

The English team don't sound much more boring that most cricketers, just less intelligible.


One other thing, the education thing is hardly down to the players of either sport. If the parents have money the kid will nearly always wind up at a better school and have a more stable background.

And cricket for all that it tries to be a wider appealing game, still appears to be a middle-class and upper-class sport. For me, it's one of the less appealing things about it and it enables all this snobbishness about 'education' to go on.

And yes, you can bring on exceptions to this, but blaming the players for their backgrounds is a bit rich.


I'd agree wit Vim about the education part. Also, you could probably replace the England football team with the Indian cricket team and have something similar :)

The Reverse Sweep

Cheers Wes. I agree that Punter and Clarke could almost be English footballers such is the utter boredom of their utterances to the press. Unfortunately, for an England fan like me, our football team long forgot where they came from

The Reverse Sweep

Did you put a curse on Robert Green, Glenn?

The Reverse Sweep

Vim, the England footballers are a bit of a special case when it comes to low intelligence levels. Capello can bearly speak English, but is still more articulate than the lot of them!

The Reverse Sweep

Vim, I am definitely not blaming the players for their backgrounds - there are many examples of footballers from deprived backgrounds who are engaging, articulate and interesting. Unfortunately, most of these appear to be non-English players like Thierry Henry. Similar backgrounds, but not similar results. That said, the French FA and Clubs see Education as just as important as football skills in the development of their players, so that could be a reason for that

The Reverse Sweep

Yes, where the England footballers and younger Indian cricketers are concerned, we are never far away from a bar brawl, or so it seems!


Any thoughts about updating this piece since the latest 'outbursts' from Rooney and Co, Terry as captain etc

The Reverse Sweep

Im not sure any more needs to be written! The situation seems to have got worse!

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