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Friday, June 04, 2010


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Mock Wah

Its probably a lot to do with the team composition. You cannot pick 11 players and have a role play. For instance Karthik opening, Raina's captaincy, or even Virat @ 3, Sharma @ 4 and Raina @ 5. Ideally all of them will play @ 3 and Raina has looked terrible in all departments. It is similar to Sehwag, Sachin, Gambhir all who want to play the openers role but, one has to bat at 3.

This was a good opportunity for the likes of RP Singh and Ishant Sharma to have a bowl and find some form. But the selectors chose Dinda, Yadav (injured vinay and his replacement Mithun) and 3 specialist spinners based on I don't know what criteria!! I'm sure they have played the 50 over format for their domestic sides, they (Dinda and Yadav) don't have anything impressive yet. A good opportunity they wasted. Even Vijay has been miserable. Not sure if he will get another opportunity in the future.


I think this series has shown up some of the guys who became stars thanks to a couple of big innings in conditions loaded in favour of batsmen. In a way it's good that Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik have failed miserably. Now we can move on to others.

The bowling has been bad from top to bottom and it's not helped by the fact that we play most of our cricket on flat tracks, fast outfields and short boundaries. It's one thing to cope with it one or two series a year, it's another to do it all year round.

The board needs to get it together and do a better job at scheduling. Young players need to play more outside the subcontinent so that they don't look out of their depth when it's time for them to replace Tendulkar, Laxman, Dravid. It would also do well to not make conditions so batsmen friendly in LOIs.

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks for the comment Mockwah. I've always been impressed when I've seen Khli and feel that he is the most likely of the new generation. I was surpised too that RP Singh and Ishant weren't taken. As you see they could both do with some match time.

The Reverse Sweep

I agree with what you say Mahek. A spell in county cricket wouldn't do the likes of Raina, Kohli, Vijay or Ishant Sharma any harm. On the pitch front, I also agree. It is time that more variety was on offer inside India i.e. more bowler friendly surfaces.


You can forget about these guys playing county cricket, the BCCI didn't even allow Piyush Chawla or VVS Laxman to go back to the county circuit this year. This is what you get when the players are too self-absorbed to congregate and represent the interests of themselves and their peers.

The Reverse Sweep

The BCCI are wrong on this front (as on so many). It surely would help young players to play in English conditions? I suppose all the money on offer in the IPL means that India's young players are millionaires by the time they are in their early 20s. That could reduce their hunger much as it does with some of the young English footballers.

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