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Thursday, June 10, 2010


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I don't think you need another spinner with Sobers in the lineup. Would go with any one of Garner, Walsh, Roberts or Griffith. Good choice of keeper. I think cricinfo will soon have their feature of all-time West Indian XI and may not include Walcott as a keeper.

The Reverse Sweep

I was tempted to go with four quicks and I suppose Richards wasn't a bad bowler either. I'd have probably gone for Garner if I'd gone down that route, but what a wide choise there is with West Indian pacemen. Where have they all disappeared to now though? Dujon was the obvious choice, but Walcott was such a great batsman that I couldn't leave him out and with Marshall, Holding and Ambrose he wouldn't have to bend over too much, so his dodgy back would be fine


On second thought, maybe I don't want Walcott to keep wickets with these scary bowlers running in. Maybe it's better to have Dujon behind the stumps, even if it means Walcott misses out. After all, there is no place for Sir Frank Worrell either.And yes, I'd probably go with Garner in place of Ramadhin. And we haven't gone into the Lloyds, Hayneses, Kanhais and Kallicharrans!

The Reverse Sweep

So much talent, so where has it all gone today? Or more to the point, where has the desire, togetherness and professionalism gone?


I don't know how professional those West Indian greats were. It's just that the sport has lost popularity over the years. If I could draw a parallel, baseball used to be very popular among African Americans until a few years ago but has lost out to more seemingly aggressive sports like American Football and Basketball. Add to it the fact that the West Indies is a collection of island nations which have always had problems among each other and you can see why players may not be very excited about their team. Then you have a board which doesn't have a clue about what it's supposed to do.

The Reverse Sweep

The West indies Cricket Board, now don't get me started...

The Master

Hard to pick, but I think there is a slight imbalance to the side caused by the temptation to squeeze in as many of the great batsmen as possible! I would prefer Hunte to open with Greenidge, Headley at 3, Richards at 4. Then Worrell, great batsman in his prime and even greater captain. Sobers at 6. Dujon 7, (Walcott far superior as a batsman but was only a fair keeper and scored far fewer runs when he kept wicket anyway.) Marshall 8, Holding 9, Garner or Ambrose 10 and Roberts 11. Gibbs to replace Roberts if the spinner is required. Roberts may surprise a few but he was feared in his prime, hit more batsmen then anyone and was also a clever, thinking bowler. I can't decide between Garner and Ambrose.

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