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Monday, May 10, 2010


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Bang on, as usual. I also though Ramesh Powar looked a good cricketer, very canny spin, decent hands and can get runs too, don't know what the story is there. I think many observers felt that the experience of Indian players in playing lots of IPL would somehow give them vital experience in a world situation.

I started out questioning the World T20 bearing in mind its only 10 months since the last one and following on so closely after the IPL. Turns out what it has done is shown up some of the cricket in the IPL and its participants to be substandard, and that even in the shotest form of the game, there is still a discernible step up to the highest level.

The Reverse Sweep

You are right ceejaypee, there does seem to be a big step up from the IPL to the international form of T20. I think India also miss its best batsmen, are suffering from bad selections and maybe even are tired from the IPL?


Ojha is surely better than Chawla. The problem is they had only 3 main bowlers for yesterday's match and the wicket at Barbados assisted quicker bowlers and even spinners but part-time spinners would get smashed on that wicket as it doesn't keep low for them to come into play.I have seen better spinners than Jadeja at the club level and I'm not joking.

I always believed that it is harder to adjust to bouncier conditions for batsmen who play on the slower wickets of subcontinent than it is for players who play on bouncy wickets to adjust to the slower conditions. So it may take time for some of the young Indian batsmen to get adjusted to the bouncier tracks.

The Reverse Sweep

You could be right greyblazer. The new breed of Indian batsmen are very talented but they face a big challenge to prove worthy of succeeding Sachin, Dravid, Laxman and Sehwag. Jadeja looks a terrible player - I guess he is normally better than what we have seen so far in the Caribbean?


The adjustment is equally difficult either way. Just ask the number of teams that struggled in India and Sri Lanka every time they played tests. But it's not important here as the adjustment had to come from the batsmen who were playing the IPL. It's not just the Indian batsmen, I've seen others struggle against the short ball as well, not that it makes our batsmen's ineptitude any less of a problem.

I don't know why people were touting us as one of the favourites. We haven't even picked the guys who were in form during the IPL so why the high hopes? It would have been difficult to make the semis even if we had our best squad in the Caribbean.

The Reverse Sweep

This is true. Witness England's struggles on the sub-continent, which doesn't bode well for the WC next year.

I guess a lot of people were tipping India because of the IPL and this was heightened by the excellent display against South Africa. Bad selection didn't help - where were Ojha or Mishra, Kohli, Uthappa and maybe even Tiwary?


Making predictions based on the IPL can be quite dangerous. For starters, every IPL team has atleast a couple of sub-par batsmen and bowlers. Some have even more. I think Dhoni recently alluded to it when he said in the IPL you can target the lesser players. There are no such get out of jail players at the international level. Well, apart from Michael Clarke. Add to it the vast difference in the pitches in India and the ones in the Caribbean and how little Indian cricketers have played outside the subcontinent of late it's not difficult to see why we shouldn't have been favourites in this World Cup.

This is a pretty weak analogy but the English media and experts have similar expectations of the England football team because of how competitive English clubs are, yet time and again the team falls short in the Euro and FIFA World Cup. The amount of rumour mongering, sycophancy, intrusion of players' privacy is similar to that related to the Indian cricket team. It's just not the right atmosphere for players to play freely, not that I think they should use it as an excuse.

The Reverse Sweep

You and Dhoni are right. The IPL is not of the same standard as international t20 - there are weaker bowlers and batters in each team, which give the opposition a chance to regain or ram home the initiative depending on the match situation. What I meant was that some of the Indian players (Dhoni, Vijay, Raina and Sharma in particular) were in form from the IPL, so could be expected top carry it over - much like KP has. I think your analogy with the English football team is right. All the papers in the UK will be expecting them to win and they will get to the quarter finals and no further.

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