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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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Mock Wah

I don't know, its gone quite like the way the tournament has. It's too english for my liking ;) perhaps have Ajmal and/or Aamer in. Mathews just dint have much for competition.

The Reverse Sweep

I plead guilty to including a lot of Englishmen in the team. We did win it! I didn't include it in the post, but Ajmal was the second best spinner in the tournament in my opinion. If only he could bowl that over to Hussey again...

Shridhar Jaju

When I was a child, I learnt that when you attack, you might give away a few runs... but this theory does not seem to apply to swann... who was his coach??


The only change I'd make is either Ajmal or Langeveldt for Broad.

The Reverse Sweep

Yes, Swanny does seem to buck the trend here, although Warne was another attacking spinner that didn't leak runs. I guess it is a mixture of attack, variation, accuracy and psychology that helps Swann achieve this.

The Reverse Sweep

Fair point on Ajmal, but I felt I couldn't really include him after that final over to Hussey. Langeveldt was impressive too but mostly with the new ball. I should have mentioned him, but I'd still go for Nannes and Tait, with Aamer and Sidebottom my next two choices


I think Langeveldt bowled better at the end of the innings rather than at the start, most of his wickets came after the halfway mark of the innings. Nannes isn't the best death bowler around and that skill is Langeveldt's specialty so to me it makes sense to let Nannes bowl upfront and have someone like Langeveldt to end the innings.

Mock Wah

I'd agree with Mahek on Langeveldt. But what I implied was Mathews was not so good to make a dream team. Perhaps Swann could play higher up, and Ajmal/Aamer could fit in. Also Sammy was really good with the ball, perhaps better than Mathews u reckon?

The Reverse Sweep

You could be right Mahek. You may have to forgive me for a bit of jingoistic celebration of England finally winning a limited overs trophy for my pick of Broad above Langeveldt!!

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks Mock Wah. The choice of Mathews was indeed a contentious one and Swann could bat at seven I suppose to allow Ajmal or Aamer in. I'll stick with my original choice but will admit that it was a borderline one. Without that last over to Hussey, it would have been hard for me to leave out Ajmal.


Haha, I should know something about jingoism. Afterall, my country thrives on it :)

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