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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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"No one had him down as Andrew Flintoff's successor"

Actually, David Lloyd did. And never ceases to shill him whenever he's on screen. Listening to Bumble yesterday got a bit tiresome after the fourth successive singing of his praises. I like Bresnan but I think Lloyd must owe him money or something.

The Reverse Sweep

How could I forget Bumble. Start the car...!

The Beggy G

I've been very impressed with England in this tournament. They usually have players capable of good and sometimes great things (along with the occasional star) but they really seem to be firing as a team this time around. Maybe it just looks that way now that the middle order is solid but apart from some stroppy acting out on behalf of 'fronters' and 'barbie malfoy' the vibe I'm seeing is a positive, team focussed one.
I won't be putting money down on an England win just yet but I do agree that they have a shot.
Bres has shown some class and he's looking fit but for me it's the impressive English fielding that is raising their game.


What I like about this England team, and they've shown this attitude since the Ashes, is that it doesn't worry about its shortcomings. There are quite a few of them but it's good to see them back their strengths instead of second guessing themselves at every stage. In the past they have been too worried about where they might be exposed and allowed it to trump their strengths.

I also think Paul Collingwood and Andrew Strauss are the kind of guys who can lead the side well because they know better than the Pietersens and Flintoffs about how to get the best out of one's talents. It also helps that the coach Andy Flower has that attitude too. Not that it means these guys aren't talented, just that they know the importance of commitment and hard work in bringing that talent to fruition.

The Reverse Sweep

You are right on Andy Flower. His arrival coincided with the improvement that led to the Ashes, the backs-to-the-wall performance in South Africa and an improvement in our ODI/t20 performances. All England fans should be grateful to KP for helping get rid of Peter Moores!

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks for the comments Beggy G. Yes, it's good to see England playing like a team, which to be fair they have done evr since the Strauss/Flower axis took over in the Caribbean last year. Sri Lanka will be hard in the S/F on the pitch in St Lucia, and no doubt Australia will be ven harder in the final, but things are looking good.

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