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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Even Geoffrey Boycott's grandmother could make 206 in Adelaide, with a rhubarb stick. And yes the P.O.T.T. will stroke KP's ego *shudders*. Truth also spoken about Swann.
That Colly stuff sounds a bit weird though. Ageing men often stick to their views just for the sake of sticking to them.


Oh, who listens to Warnie? Are there no "Collingwood for PM" chants yet?


I have never quite got the fascination with KP's ego. I guess I'm one of the few alongwith David who thinks KP is one of the most professional cricketers around and that he has a lot to offer as a senior member of the England side. As for Collingwood's MBE, I guess he shouldn't have got it as he played just one test in that series. That said, I'm pretty sure the Aussies or anyone else would have done the same thing.

Mock Wah

"PC for PM" There you go Aswin :)

The Reverse Sweep

...and I should know about aging men sticking to their ideas! Fair point about the difficulty in getting a big score at Adelaide, but Colly did get those runs and played Warne fairly comfortably throughout that series (if not Stuart Clark!). I think KP gets a bad press that he doesn't really deserve. He comes across as humble in interviews talking as much about the team as himself. He certainly works hard and if he can appear to be a little arrogant at times on the pitch with that immense talent, I suppose it isn't really a surprise

The Reverse Sweep

Given the UK has its first coalition government since World War II, I wouldn't be surprised if the Colly for PM bandwagon doesn't start up soon!

The Reverse Sweep

Ok Mahek that's two of us in the 'KP is a good chap' camp. Any other takers?


How exactly does a batsman appear "arrogant" at the crease? If we're talking about the Sir Vivian Richards' school of batting then I say every cricketer should look to be "arrogant" in his cricket. There is way too much criticism of KP from the mainstream media and a lot of bloggers seem to fall for it. I was quite pleased to see your post on him, especially the part about him getting his players to come back to India in 2008. I don't know if I would have wanted to tour a country that had just had such a major terrorist attack. In a way he's responsible for one of our most emotional test wins and I think Indians should thank him for that.

The Reverse Sweep

Totally agree Mahek. With all the furore about KP's short stint as captain people seem to conveniently forget the role he played in getting the side to go back to India after the Mumbai atrocity - hardly the actions of a selfish man. And if it wasn't for KP we'd still have Peter Moores in charge of the England team. And that would mean no Ahes and no World T20. When I said 'arrogant' it is probably more accurate to say 'supremely confident' and perhaps 'dismissive' of the bowlers. But you won't find me criticising KP

MeikoElektra (The MG)

@The Reverse Sweep - I'm in the pro-KP camp too. Although I hope that doesn't exempt me from making the occasional joke about him :P

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