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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


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Colly's right though isnt he?

The data used for D/L games is not relevant to T20. Clearly scoring 60 off 5 doesnt carry the same degree of risk or skill as scoring 191 off 20. The wickets in hand are the key factor, with only 5 overs to play you can swing merrily.

I would propose that a rain reduced target is devised from the last overs of the oppositions innings, in backwards order, to replicate the frenetic finish, not based on the overall total, otherwise it is too easy for the side batting second to smash the ball in the first few balls to get ahead and then just cyinically knock the runs off.

Eg England, from their last 3.4 overs scored 32 runs on Monday. The West Indies were given a facile target of 22 runs, because they went out and smashed the ball knowing that the rain would come. This would have resulted in a much tighter finish and would have been relevant to this game, not some meaningless data compiled in a different form of cricket. T20 has changed our perceptions of strike and economy rates in any case.

The Reverse Sweep

That's an interesting idea Ceejaypee. Clearly the current DL method doesn't wotk for T20 and needs a severe overhaul. Personally, I think a minimum of ten overs should be required to constitute a match, but hey what do I know!

Warren K

Agreed re Duckworth-Lewis. It definitely needs revising for T20.
Slightly off-topic...
Who at the ICC decides where and when ICC Events will take place? Because the person responsible for choosing the West Indies in the rainy-season needs his head read!
I realise the ICC would like to 'share the wealth" and spread the game, but the Windies just recently hosted the World Cup. Why didn't it go to New Zealand, England or Oz. I would have included South Africa, but we've had plenty of late what with IPL II and the Champions League coming up in September.
New Zealand and Oz are going into winter, so would not be perfect choices, but the summer cricket season has just started over in the UK.
I also can't understand why the stadiums are half-empty either...? Didn't the ICC learn anything from the World Cup?
And don't get me started on most of the Windies grounds not being capable of hosting night matches. Surely, the tight schedule of double-headers would be resolved if they just played night-matches. More than half the IPL games were night games.

I'm not bashing the Windies here, it just seems they aren't capable of hosting what is supposed to be one of the top ICC events of the year.

Warren K

Just read "The ICC gets it wrong again". My previous post would have been better suited after that one.

The Reverse Sweep

I think the ICC puts all the names into a hat and pulls out the lucky winner. There certainly doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reaspn involved. I suppose England hosted the World T20 last year, and I think the ICC are trying to recompense the Windies for cocking up the WC so badly.

Warren K

Well next time, the ICC should rather donate a whole bunch of pylons and floodlights to the Windies Cricket Board.
And they can chuck in that bloody MRF blimp too!

Was thinking last night as I watched the covers being dragged on and off the pitch, that Mr Modi, would have sold every last inch of those covers to his sponsors.
Imagine the commentators...
"And coming in from long-on is the Hero Honda cover, well met by the Karbonn mobile cover being dragged in from behind square..."

The Reverse Sweep

Ah, dear Lalit. If the ICC has any sense, theyll sign him up soon!


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