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Thursday, April 22, 2010


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Dave Bird



Geeta Basra is by far the sluttiest. I think she was at the stadium last night with some balding dude that wasn't me.


Geeta Basra. Yum. But still, I like PZ cause she says kinda dorky and maybe a little bit of a bitch and she might mistreat you but still hot.

The Reverse Sweep

Unlucky Mahek. Maybe next time you get to go with Geeta!

The Reverse Sweep

Well Mspr1nt. You are certainly loyal! I've transferred my affections to Deepika!!


Katrina still looks the best but followed by Deepika as Deepika doesn't look good in all photos. I selected the best of all her photos lol.

The Reverse Sweep

Lets be honest they are all babes


gotta be Shilpa... just look at the way she grips the bat with her right-hand...

Mock Wah

Where is Trisha ;)

The Reverse Sweep

She's in there now!! Now six to choose from with late entrant Trisha Krishnan

Shoaib M.

Preity is usually preity preity but not in this pic.
Shilpa looks like a dork.
Katrina looks like "the sister of a pretty girl". Trust me on this.
Geeta is trying hard to look like me. Just no.
And Trisha looks like forever 12.
Which takes us to Deepika. Perfect face + cold pride = Queen of the Galaxy.


A.R. Rehman

Geeta Basra is the best N hottest so far..
Lucky harbhajan!
I'm envious of him.

B.Vidyasagar Reddy

Absolutely Trisha!!

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