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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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dude...Preity...all the way

Warren K

I have to side with @mspr1nt on this one, I think Preity is far more Pretty than Shilpa!
Pity neither of them made the semis...


Face-Preity, Body-Shilpa, Brains-Baboon.


its shilpa all the way personality and physical look


Yeah dude, come on....Preity wins by a country mile. And she is so animated and involved in teh game. I would, a thousand times and then some more...

The Reverse Sweep

This seems to have created more comments than any other post. I wonder why!! Hey, they are both hot and I think Mahek hits it on the nail with his comment!

The Reverse Sweep

It's still Shipa for me, but to be honest I wouldn't be too fussy


In my defense I discovered your blog just today! Pretty soon you'll be wishing I hadn't.

mspr1nt, I find Preity a tad too involved. Ditto for Shilpa. Call me old fashioned but it annoys the hell out of me when I see these people act like fangrls. I like Delhi and Chennai because the team owners are more or less invisible. Well, Delhi because I lived there for 6 years and love the place.


if u have seen both in person the u will go with shilpa becos in person she is the best looking woman i have ever seen still pics do her no justice...this is coming from a girl


Another point in favour of Ms Shetty is she has a hot sister. Who wouldn't like to score a sister-sister combo like this:

The Reverse Sweep

It looks like I was right!!


shilpa is ravishing hot the only thing going for preity is her fair skin ..u know indians love their fair ladies

The Reverse Sweep

Im a Delhi fan too Mahek mainly down to the fact that Paul Collingwood (my favourite England player) and the masterblasters Dilshan and Sehwag play for them. Of course, I was disappointed by their premature exit!

The Reverse Sweep

Another reason for Shilpa!


Preity looks far better lol


preity is a stuck up bitch atleast thats what i get just by looking at her

The Reverse Sweep

It seems that opinions are fairly divided on this...


I've seen both in RL when the IPL was in SA last year (up close too) and I still think Preity is hotter. Based on the evidence presented by Paddlesweep, Preity wins. Shilpa is dirty!


Exactly, and Shilpa being dirty is exactly what makes her hotter ;)

The Reverse Sweep



shilpa is the BOMB gosh i wet my pants thinking of her

Yash Desai

Katrina kaif all the way.

She's the face behind Bangalore.Check her out, shilpa and zinta are overrated.


I`m here for the first time and i will return because i like this blog !

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