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Saturday, February 27, 2010


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Vicus Scurra

I agree about the pointlessness of the comparison, but that won't stop us from compiling lists will it?

One of the criticisms of Bradman is that he played little of his cricket on sticky wickets - whereas Hobbs relished them. This does not detract from his being the best, just an observation.

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks for your comments Vicus. You are totally right that it won't stop us compiling our lists and opinions are one of the things that makes cricket such a wonderful game. It's true that Bradman played on less stickies than other greats like Hobbs and indeed his reputation on these type of wickets is not as good as others like Trumper, Sutcliffe and of course Hobbs.

I suppose with Bradman it is the 99.94 and the 29 100s in 52 tests that makes most people consider him the greatest and it is hard to argue otherwise.

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Sachin is God of the Cricket and he is also Master Blaster and he is also Run machine.Sachin means record .He is first person to complete 200 run in one ODI in Gwaliyer and this is big history.

Cosmic Cricket

I've written the article on the same topic and
the responds I got from people are quite surprising. Some people write off Bradman's greatness on the fact that he didn't face quality bowling that we have in today's cricket. There are lots of variations in bowling now, e.g. doosra, googly, that weren't available in the past. In this circumstance, Sachin Tendulkar is regarded better than Sir Don Bradman. Follow the link to read the article.

The Reverse Sweep

Bradman did face some great bowlers - Larwood and Verity to name but two. It was a different era and as such is is very difficult to say who is the better batsman. However, the gap between Bradman and the next best batsmen in his era like Headley, Hammond and Sutcliffe is far greater than that between Sachin and his contemporaries like Lara, Ponting and Kallis. Id always plump for Bradman as the greatest, but Sachin is the best of his era - as his annus mirabilis of 2010 undoubtedly proved.

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