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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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From what I have seen of Ponting, Lara and Tendulkar I would rate both Tendulkar and Lara ahead of him.

For all his class Ponting just doesn't play spin as well as the other two.

The Reverse Sweep

Greyblazer, you are not the first to tell me that I got it wrong in ranking Ponting ahead of Sachin and Lara, and probably not the last! My argument at the time was that Ponting had played more game-winning or saving innings. I'd probably revise this now and move Sachin up to six and Ponting one below Lara. But hey they are all great batsmen, and to have had three of them around at the same time is pretty amazing


Oh of course all are great players but you have to consider that it is easier to play match winning knocks with a very good bowling attack around and neither Lara or Tendulkar for most part of their career had good bowlers around. Even other batsmen in the side didn't support them.

I think if you look at Lara's knocks in SA maybe in 03/04 and Tendulkar's knocks at Perth 91/92, Edgbatson 96, at Capetown in 96/97, maybe Wellington in 99 and many more one can see that it isn't easy to win matches without good bowlers and batsmen who don't support the main player. Yes you can point out that Dravid also was in the side but he only came in 96.

It is what makes even the underrated Andy Flower special as he played some great knocks in a team that didn't had good bowlers or batsmen who could support him.

The Reverse Sweep

It's certainly true that Ponting never had to face Warne, McGrath et al in international cricket and you are right that it is easier to play matchwinning innings when you have the bowlers to back it up. Sachin had Azharuddin for company before Dravid and has also had Sehwag, Laxman, Ganguly and now Gambhir - not that that detracts from his brilliance. Lara on the other hand pretty much carried the WI side for 10 years and it was only towards the end of his career that Chanderpaul and Sarwan started showing more consistency. Lara's finest hour arguably was the 1999 tour by Australia, where after being bowled out for under 50 in the 1st test, he scored a double in the 2nd and then that unbelievable 150 odd in the 3rd as WI chased down over 300 to win by one wicket. If only his third ton of the series in the 4th had led to a draw or victory for his side. I agree with you on Flower too - very good and very underrated


Reverse sweep,

I think you should check Azhar's records in the Caribbean, Australia and South Africa and then perhaps you can conclude about his worth. I would rather have Chanderpaul over Azhar. It was Tendulkar and only Tendulkar who mainly got them the runs on especially bouncy tracks and I have already listed a few knocks of Tendulkar like at Melbourne in 99, Edgbaston in 96 and Perth in 91/92 when he got no support in the 90's.

Dravid and co. only came in 96 and Dravid really matured as a player only after he failed to counter the accuracy of McGrath in Australia. He had his moments from 96 to 2000 as did Ganguly still they depended on Tendulkar. Laxman started as a opener and you can say the turning point of his career came after that series against Australia in 2001 as until then he was in and out of the side.

Sachin fans

this is not real....where is another god master blaster "SACHIN TENDULKAR"....

Sachin fans

sachin is not(never)worst than ponting & brainlara ....u know nothing about cricket.........sachin always in 2nd place only.....

Sachin fans

who is Victor Trumper(10) & William ‘W.G’ (15)Grace? one can know him........arrange in correct form........

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