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Friday, January 15, 2010


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Lloyd Townsend

But surely you love Bill Lawry's "GONE! YES!"?

The Reverse Sweep

I must admit Lloyd, that I havent succumbed to the charms of Mr Lawrys commentary, but to be fair that could be because I am a Pom!


Bill Lawry's comments are unbiased.

Account Deleted

Bill Lawry is one of the few very Unbiased commentators of all time. I am a Pakistani and I just love his commentary like anything. He's the best commentator. Still can't forget his," OH PAKISTAN WINS THE 92 WORLD CUP."
He, even at such age, is so energetic and totally makes the beautiful game of Cricket even more interesting.


I heard one of the say last night that Brett Lee would be joining them for part of the summer. Am sure he'll be able to tell them all about their amazing new pace attack.

The Reverse Sweep

Brett Lee as well? I didn't think it was possible, but that would send the average IQ of the Channel 9 team even lower!

The Reverse Sweep

Thanks Umair, I have to say that Bill seems pretty biased every time he commentates on England!


Bill Lawry is awesome, energy and ability to describe the scene to a wide audience is unrivalled. One of the few ex cricketers who can broadcast and he is pretty unbiased.

Richard Roberts

The best thing to do with 9 coverage is to turn the volume off and listen to ABC radio broadcast. That way you will not have to put up with the inane rubish from the 9 commentry. At least ABC have over seas commentators to ballance the game.

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